Benefits and common faults of using community charging posts

Cell charging pile now has a very high usage rate in the market, because there are very many electric cars in the market now, and charging electric cars is a very troublesome problem. But the emergence of community charging pile is a good solution to this problem, it can not only centralise the storage of electric vehicles, but also manage and charge electric vehicles.

  The factory default setting of the controller is to identify one yuan coins (can be customised according to customer requirements to use token models, can achieve dual-use coin, swipe card), the recognition rate of fake coins can reach 99.7%. The controller has twelve power supply output ports, each channel has an independent display window and control buttons, the user puts in coins (or swipes the card), presses one of the control buttons, the controller will supply power to the channel socket corresponding to the button, and the working status of each channel is displayed through its corresponding display window.

  The equipment is simple to operate and easy to use, aiming to completely solve the charging problems for the majority of electric vehicle owners and electric vehicle managers. The following electric vehicle charging pile for you to answer the common electric vehicle charging faults:

  Battery can not be charged or undercharged: battery disconnection or fuse broken; replace the fuse. Charger no output voltage or low output voltage; replace or repair the charger. The charger indicator light is abnormal causing false full; replace or repair the charger. Poor contact between charger and 220V power supply; re-plug the power supply. Battery has problem or service life expired; replace or repair the battery.

  The motor turns and stops: the battery has been under-voltage and the power is insufficient; charge the battery. Battery connector has poor contact; adjust connector position or replace connector. Poor fuse contact; replace fuse. Brake disconnect switch is faulty; put the brake handle back to position, adjust or replace the brake disconnect switch. Poor contact of electric door lock; replace or repair electric door lock. Carbon brushes in the motor aging or wire, winding welding, false connection; cleaning carbon, repair or replace the motor. Poor contact, faulty speed control knob; replace the speed control knob. Controller failure; replace or repair the controller.