Frequently Asked Questions about Installing Smart Chargers

Electric vehicle charging piles can be seen around us from time to time, however, when installing smart charging piles, we often encounter the following problems.

  1、Does the charging pile need to be coordinated?

  Charging pile that drilling a few holes in the ground to fix the charging pile and pulling a wire is not enough. In fact, the coordination workload is quite large. There are four main departments: the user himself, the car company, the power company, and the property. The property side. The application is directly the same as that of the company of shops in your city, and then it is transferred to the power supply office. After that, a technical engineer will view the site and provide a construction plan. If you are installing in a neighbourhood, you will need to get consent from the developer.

  2. Is construction difficult?

  During construction, you must coordinate the installation space of the switchboard and require the owner to move the vehicle to facilitate the construction. The cables connecting the charging piles are thicker than a child's arm. Each charging pile has a current of 36 amps and 4 of them are 144 amps. In the future, the number of charging posts will be increased. Without such a thick cable, it cannot withstand higher currents. The cables are not laid on the ground but are erected from the air because there are a lot of vehicles entering and leaving the underground car parks and they are laid on the ground. Once the cable is crushed, the consequences would be disastrous. Laying it from the air would require a lot of work. But it was worth it for safety reasons. In order to erect the cable from the air, four workers spent four days taking apart the originally arranged cable trough and laying the cable.

  3, charging pile safety?

  Experts say that the safety performance of the charging pile can be guaranteed to a large extent technically. When installing the charging pile, try to make it in a closed state, only the user of the charging pile can open the charging interface, effectively preventing the occurrence of power leakage accidents.

  4、How long does it take to install the charging station?

  Generally speaking, if all the conditions are met, such as property and power supply departments agree, the installation programme is not very complicated, the installation can be completed in three days. The general process is for the installation company to issue an installation programme and send someone to the installation site after approval from the power supply department. Under normal circumstances, the charging pile can be installed within one day, and the power supply department will supply power to the charging pile after acceptance.