Difference between smart charging post and traditional charging post

With the relevant departments of the battery car charging problem attaches great importance to, began to gradually the charging pile layout to each community, which also greatly facilitates the charging problem of the residents of the community. So why are so many community properties willing to choose the charging pile? What are the product advantages that can make more people feel at ease? So today, Fujian charging pile manufacturer will talk about the difference between charging pile and traditional charging pile.

  1. The charging power of traditional charging pile will be unstable and unsafe. The battery car is fully charged can not be automatically disconnected, accidents may occur at any time. Intelligent charging pile has full power-off function, which can well meet the necessary functions of charging pile stipulated by the current national policy, and at the same time ensure the charging safety of residents.

  2. The hardware procedure of traditional charging pile cannot judge the remaining power of the battery car, so it cannot provide a more reasonable charging scheme. Intelligent charging pile can timely detect the remaining power of the battery car when it is just charged, and match the appropriate charging programme. Thus, the battery of the battery car can effectively extend its service life.

  3. If the traditional charging pile is pulled out of the charger during the charging process, it will lead to the dissatisfaction of its battery car and affect its own mood. If there is any abnormality in the charging process of the smart charging pile, you will receive relevant information in your WeChat. Let you know the status when charging.

  4.Traditional charging pile with card Some older people can not operate mobile phones, and swiping the card is also a way of charging. But the loss of the charging card will lead to the loss of money, and the smart charging pile can be independently lost on the mobile phone, simple and convenient, to solve the problem of the theft of the electric card.

  Fujian charging pile manufacturer said that the smart charging pile is now used by more communities, and the residents of the community also like this simple charging method very much. There are more product advantages that we need to know.