Fujian Charging Post Manufacturer Talks About Electric Vehicles and Fuel Vehicles

In recent years, electric vehicles have been loved by more and more consumers for their energy-saving, environmentally friendly and fashionable advantages, and the construction of charging facilities has been gradually improved.

  Fujian charging pile manufacturer introduces what is the main difference between electric vehicles and fuel vehicles?

  From the energy source.

  The energy source of fuel cars is mainly traditional fuel; the energy source of electric cars is mainly electricity.

  In driving mode.

  Fuel cars are mainly powered by engines and fuel-filled gearboxes; electric cars are mainly driven by electric motors and battery packs through fixed ratios.

  In terms of vehicle cost.

  Fuel car maintenance cycle is short, refuelling cost is high, vehicle cost is high; electric car maintenance cycle is long, power cost is low, the comprehensive vehicle cost is about 2/3 lower than fuel car.

  From the point of view of vehicle experience.

  Fuel car power transfer efficiency is low, noise, frustration; electric car power transfer efficiency, speed, low noise, power output linear.

  Fujian charging pile manufacturer introduced electric private car driving range is how much?

  Fujian charging pile manufacturer said that the driving range of electric vehicles is mainly determined by the capacity of the power battery.

  Generally speaking, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the driving range. In addition, other factors that determine the driving range of electric vehicles include the following.

  1. the mass of the electric vehicle. The heavier the vehicle, the greater the driving force and the greater the energy consumed. This is also the reason why the state heavily subsidises companies with high battery energy density.

  2. Wind resistance coefficient, the lower the wind resistance coefficient, the lower the energy loss during driving.

  3. The motor power of the electric car and the adjustment of the manufacturer. General electric car motor power is mostly 100-150kw.

  4. Daily driving environment and driving habits, different driving environment and driving habits will also cause differences in driving range.