What it takes to achieve national charging column interconnectivity

The interconnection of charging services for new energy vehicles means giving full play to the utilisation efficiency of charging facilities, maximising the convenience of charging for users, and striving to realise the sharing of information between all charging piles and operators to ensure that all charging piles can be found, charged and paid for. "This is also the basic guarantee for the extensive development of new energy vehicles. However, this interconnection is currently difficult to realise. What are the main barriers that need to be broken down?

  First, in terms of hardware facilities, to ensure the interconnection of charging interfaces and electrical appliances, it is necessary to build on the basis of the existing certification system to build a number of unified marking content, including compatibility, safety, battery compatibility, etc., and to formulate unified rules and regulations such as inspection rules, sampling provisions, marking management, etc., to strictly control the standards and quality of charging pile facilities leaving the factory. A unified charging interface is the foundation of interconnection.

  Secondly, the interconnection of transaction and settlement. If the charging pile information can be shared among different charging pile manufacturers and effective payment and settlement can be made, it is a great benefit for the charging pile manufacturers and all major operators will be willing to put in efforts. If you can't do it fast enough for the time being, having a third-party payment platform that communicates with major operators as a transition may be a good choice.

  Third, the interconnection of charging information, the state provides a public platform for operators, each operator should put the basic data of charging facilities on the national platform, so that each car owner can quickly find the charging pile and get some data of the charging pile.

  In short, the barriers to interconnection of charging services across the country are mainly focused on the above three aspects, breaking down the barriers to achieve interconnection can not be completed overnight. Each link needs to make great efforts, and the first task should be to complete the construction of all infrastructures and the data construction of the national related platform.