Difference between charging pile and charging stack

Fujian charging pile manufacturer tells you that charging pile refers to the charging equipment with charging gun and human-machine interface. Simply put, it is an electric device that can be charged. There are integrated and split type.

  Charging pile refers to the power cluster that converts AC power into DC power, which needs to be equipped with the corresponding charging pile as the output. The concept of charging pile emerged with the emergence of one-to-many charging mode, which is a form of efficient use of power modules and reasonable distribution of charging power.

  Fujian charging pile manufacturer said the difference between the two.

  Firstly, charging piles have cured power, so they are poorly compatible and cannot charge cars with different power requirements.

  Secondly, the poor adaptability of the charging pile can not meet the needs of the rapid development of battery technology, which can easily lead to the investment of charging equipment can not be sustained.

  Fujian charging pile manufacturer tells the charging pile is characterised by.

  1.Power sharing:Concentrate all the power in the charging station, each charging terminal can get the required power from this pile;.

  2. Flexible charging: according to the charging demand issued by vehicle BMS, charging power is allocated on demand; and

  3. Smooth expansion: as the battery charging rate increases and the charging power demand increases, the power of the power pile can be expanded to meet the charging demand.

  4. Energy saving and high efficiency: no matter what the charging demand is, it is necessary to ensure that the charging equipment works in the optimal load rate range.

  Therefore, the charging stack can.

  1. Can meet the different power requirements of various models and improve the charging conversion efficiency and equipment utilisation of charging facilities.

  2. Can meet the demand for high rate charging of batteries, so that the charging equipment invested in the future can be used continuously.

  Charging can solve the charging pile "upward compatibility" problem

  Although the charging pile interface and other standards have been unified, but the "upward compatibility" problem has not been effectively solved. With the continuous progress of battery technology, new energy vehicles will increase the demand for charging facilities. Whether the charging piles built now are suitable for future new energy vehicles has also become a major problem for the industry. When charging the pile, there is no need to consider the charging rate, battery capacity and other issues, only the amount of power needed to charge the battery. In the future, when the energy density and capacity of the battery increases, the charging power can still be increased to charge the charging pile, effectively solving the "upward compatibility" problem of the charging pile.