Charging pile manufacturers tell you the electrical principle of DC charging pile

The charging pile manufacturer tells you the electrical principle of DC charging pile as follows.

  1.At present, the single charging module is only 15kw, which can't meet the electricity demand. Multiple charging modules need to work in parallel, need CAN bus to achieve equalisation between multiple modules.

  2. The input of the charging module comes from the power grid, which is a high-power power supply. It involves the power grid and personal safety, especially personal safety. It is necessary to install air switches (the scientific name is "moulded case circuit breaker"), lightning protection switches and even earth leakage switches at the input.

  3. The charging pile manufacturer's charging pile outputs high voltage and high current, and the battery is electrified aluminium, which is easy to explode. In order to prevent the safety problem of misoperation, the output should have a fuse.

  4. Safety is important. In addition to the measures at the input end, mechanical locks and electronic locks are necessary, insulation testing is necessary, voltage dividing resistors are necessary.

  5. Whether the battery is charged or not is not decided by the charging post, but by the brain of the battery and the BMS, which sends instructions to the controller "whether to allow charging or not, whether to terminate charging or not, and what voltages and currents can be accepted for charging", and the controller sends them to the charging module. Therefore, it is necessary to implement CAN communication between the controller and the BMS and between the controller and the charging module.

  6. The charging pile manufacturer's charging pile should also be monitored and managed, and the controller should be connected to the background through WiFi or 3G/4G network communication module.

  7. Charging electricity is not free, need to install the meter, need a card reader to achieve the charging function.

  8. There should be clear indicator lights on the shell of the charging pile, usually three indicator lights, which represent charging, fault, and power supply respectively.

  9. DC charging pile air duct design is the key. The design of the air duct in addition to structural knowledge, but also need to install a fan in the charging pile, although each charging module has a fan.