DM300-16 way motorcycle charging post

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Charging pile


DM300-16 way motorcycle charging post

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Product Description

Technical parameters and functions

1、Rated voltage/charging voltage: AC220V

2、Operating frequency: 50Hz

3、Standby power: ≤ 3w

4、Protection level: IP54

5、Material:Cold rolled steel plate + electrostatic epoxy outdoor paint

6、Control mode: micro letter public number sweep code start

7、Sixteen charging sockets for 10~16 cars charging at the same time.

8、WeChat remote view charging information

9、Thunderproof, anti-leakage, anti-current, over-voltage

10, power failure memory charging

11、Function expansion and upgrading

12、Billing method: according to the length of time, according to the current

13、Data integration to the electric vehicle charging alliance operation platform

14、DM300 external dimensions: H430xW280xTh120mm.

DM301 external dimensions: H225xW260xTh 80mm

DM302 external dimensions: H195xW260xTh80mm

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