7KW portable AC pile

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Charging pile


7KW portable AC pile

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Product Description

Technical parameters and functions

1、Input voltage: AC220V

2、Input frequency: 50Hz

3、Output voltage: AC220V

4、Rated output current: 32A

5、Maximum output power: 7KW

6、Protection level: IP54

7、Noise: ≤60DB

8、Operating ambient temperature:-20℃+50℃

9、Relative humidity of the working environment: 5%~95%.

10、Altitude: ≤2000m

11、Communication mode: no network, stand-alone version

12、Payment mode: swipe card start (user exclusive identification)


14、Safety features: residual current protection device, over/under voltage, over/under current, overload, short circuit and lightning protection

15、Dimensions:L210×W100×H300 mm

16、Method of installation: wall-mounted / column / portable with the vehicle

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