DM700 Split Charging Post (with DC608)

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Charging pile


DM700 Split Charging Post (with DC608)

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Product Description

Technical parameters and functions

1、Input voltage: AC380V

2、Input frequency: 50Hz

3、Output voltage: 200~500V/750V/1000V

4、Rated output current: 0~250A

5、Maximum output power: 480KW, full power intelligent distribution

6、Current limit protection value:110%

7、Voltage regulation accuracy: 0.50%.

8、Current regulation accuracy: 1.00%

9、Ripple coefficient:0.50%


10、Power factor: 0.99 (load 50% or more)

11, harmonic content THD: 5% (load more than 50%)

12、Cooling mode: intelligent air-cooled

13、Protection level: IP54

14、Noise: ≤60DB

15、Operating ambient temperature:-20℃+50℃

16、Relative humidity of working environment: 5%~95% without frost

17、Altitude: ≤3000 metres

18、Communication mode: Ethernet/2G/3G/4G

19、Payment method: card or code payment (WeChat/Alipay/Yinshang Aggregate Code)


21、Gun temperature detection, insulation detection, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, grounding, over-temperature, low temperature, short circuit, leakage, emergency stop, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection

22、Optional: 1~24 guns

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