Which locations are suitable for smart charging posts

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, more and more places have begun to lay smart charging pile, but many franchisees after the construction of the use rate is not high, may have a great relationship with the laying place. Here we introduce the intelligent charging pile suitable for which places?

  (1) Public car parks: car parks are one of the best places for smart charging piles, with convenient traffic and easy access. You can rent a parking space with the car park, or even a corner location, you can leave 2 charging spaces (due to short-term charging, and even do not need a dedicated charging space, according to the number of charging cars to pay a certain fee).

  (2) large shopping centres: this place to place the smart charging pile will certainly be welcomed by the shopping centre, charging people will buy goods by the way (where to buy is to buy, it is the use of charging 10-20 minutes to shop), so that, with the shopping centre to achieve a win-win situation.

  (3) Parking on the roadside: urban parking is becoming more and more difficult, many non-main roads, are allowed to be used for temporary parking, due to the smart charging pile occupies a very small place (less than 20 square metres), can be placed in the box-type EV fast charging station is very much, and according to the needs of the move at any time.

  (4) Highway service area: by setting up a few box-type EV fast charging stations in the highway service area, you can connect to the neighbouring cities. The number is small, but the significance is great, it will greatly increase the confidence of electric vehicle users.

  (5) Residential neighbourhoods: this is the place closest to the users. Although many slow charging piles can be set up in the neighbourhoods, the need to go out in an emergency is something that almost everyone may encounter, and the slow charging stations must be combined with smart charging piles in order to be effective.

  Overall, places with high foot and car traffic are places where smart charging posts are used more often. However, we still recommend conducting market research before building a pile in order to maximise the benefits to the market.