How Smart Chargers Avoid Leakage

Before you may have seen the situation of electrocution on a stormy day, many friends are worried, like the charging pile are used up to 750V voltage, if charging on a stormy day, can it keep safe? Will they be electrocuted? So how do engineers ensure the safety of charging piles in heavy rain?

  In order to avoid such a problem, many charging piles are kept in a charging terminal next to the charging car that is not charged, anti-submerged, and does not take up much space. The charging gun and the charging terminal itself are not charged, so there is no problem with getting wet or even being submerged in the water; the charging control function is transferred to the substation box. Generally speaking, the charging terminal adopts the design of non-electric plug, assuming that when the charging gun is unplugged from the vehicle being charged, the main circuit power and auxiliary power are cut off at the same time.

  1, electrical protection: charging pile should be equipped with electrical protection equipment such as leakage protection, over-current protection and lightning protection, and the charging pile column is installed with anti-theft locks to provide users with basic safety.

  2, emergency stop switch: in the process of using, charging pile will inevitably have an accident, need to start the emergency stop switch. So the qualified charging pile must be equipped with start emergency stop switch.

  3、Cable requirement: according to the output requirement of AC 220V 32A of charging pile, the main circuit wire of charging pile should adopt copper core wire with cross section of 6mm. If the cross-section area of copper wire is not up to the requirement, the 32A AC output will cause the wire to heat up and accelerate aging, which will bring potential safety hazards.

  4, waterproof requirements: in practice, not every charging pile is installed in the underground garage, outdoor charging pile inevitably suffers from the wind and rain, bringing leakage security risks. Therefore, qualified charging pile must meet the waterproof requirement. The national standard of charging pile waterproof performance has clear requirements, in the outdoor should reach IP54 protection level.

  5, charged plug and unplug: in the charging process charged plug and unplug the charging plug will have electric shock hidden danger, the national standard on the control of the guide to put forward the specification, at the same time to ensure that the charging pile is not charging the charging socket will not be charged.

  6, dumping power: in the charging pile and vehicle connection power state, should ensure that the charging pile to the four directions of dumping, all charging pile can not be disconnected. The charging pile should be equipped with the function of dumping and stopping power failure to avoid accidental collision causing secondary electric shock injury to the personnel.