How to buy a car charging post

1. Production process includes raw materials or parts used in the production process and the basis of assembly and inspection techniques, etc. A good production process promotes stable use of the loading pile during use.

  2. Charging speed - can shorten the time customers wait for charging and improve the user's charging experience without delay. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products from car charging pile manufacturers with advanced intelligent technology, high safety and fast charging speed.

  3. Warranty period - Conventional manufacturers have a certain warranty period for their charging pile products, so users should pay attention to the length of the charging pile warranty provided by the manufacturer when choosing. It is directly related to the user's safety after installation and use as well as the implementation of professional maintenance measures.

  4. Whether the type is complete, for example, according to the different ways of installation, it can be divided into wall-mounted or floor-mounted charging piles, and according to the different installation locations and use occasions, it can be divided into public charging piles and special charging piles. According to the number of the same ports, it can also be divided into a pile and a medicine or a pile with multiple medicines.

  What's more: in fact, as long as it is a regular charging pile manufacturer with experience in the production of electric equipment, you can be assured of using charging piles that comply with national standards, but You must first understand that it is necessary.